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New Year's Day in the Zangetsutei tea room

The spirit of a host

In chanoyu the host entertains the guests with delicious tea which the guests thankfully receive. This is a way of deepening their spiritual ties. Delicious tea is not just a matter of the taste of the tea, but includes the selection of utensils to illustrate the theme of the tea gathering, their expression of the season and the year's events, the beauty of the host's movements and the elegance of his conversation, and the consideration of like-minded guests. It is the flavour of an event that can happen only once in a lifetime.

The powdered green tea that is drunk in chanoyu is called 'matcha'. This was being drunk in China in about the 12th century, but is now drunk only in Japan. About 1.5 grams of powdered tea is put into a tea bowl, hot water is poured onto it and then the tea is stirred with a chasen (tea whisk). Preparing tea in this way is called 'ocha wo tateru'. 'Tateru' means to skilfully bring out the flavour and aroma of the tea. It is extremely good for the health.

Japanese Tea Culture
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